Excellent supporting actor of Lake Shuparo

The other day, We went to see the Taushubetsu bridge (タウチュベツ橋梁, taushubetsu kyōryō) . This time we across frozen Lake Nukabira (糠平湖, nukabira ko) to the bridge. Then I conceive that “Lake Shuparo (シューパロ湖 shūparo ko) may frozen because Lake Nukabira frozen now. So I can across to see Sangen bridge (三弦橋, sangen kyō) “. I has bad cold but I habe go.

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last year

I patrol around field when as soon as arrived. Did you cut the hair? Shirogane area (白金地区, shirogane chiku) lose anything and everything like skinhead. Impression chaged causes hairstyle. If I come here again, It seems to shave the line of 300m contour.

20110305065606DSC_0881.JPG 20110305065418DSC_0880.JPG
I attempted to start from Shirogane area, but I stop because they will trim trees weekend today. Reluctantly because I spotlighted, I start parking space near the national road.

Edge of the lake melt a bit, but no problem to across. At first I will go to No.6 bridge (第6号橋梁, dairokugō kyōryō) because parking is distance to Sangen bridge. After that I will walk on site of forest rail. No.6 bridge is one of JKT, and only one of stacked.

It’s enough onky picture, but I have taken movies. Please enjoy useless 1 minute.
And enjoy the pictures too.

No.6 bridge has 5 effective spans, the 2 main spans are JKT and stacked. Start side span is 1 span girder. End side spans are 2 spans girder. Please reed web site of JSCE. Please reed web site of tensyo fleet too. It has more detailed info.

Landscape from bridge to end. Sakai 5t locomotive(酒井5t機関車, sakai goton kikansha) that full load logs was coming……

and pass the No.6 bridge.

20110305085348DSC_0892.JPG 20110305085934DSC_0905.JPG 20110305085554DSC_0896-2.JPG
2 spans of end side are girders. They have same nameplates.

20110305093244DSC_0921.JPG 20110305090602DSC_0914.JPG 20110305090636DSC_0918.JPG
Ths is it. Next 2 spans are JKT. It’s higher than I look from far away, so I only watch from far.

20110305093534DSC_0923.JPG 20110305095324DSC_0938-2.JPG
Start side span is 1 girder. I don’t know what circumstance had this, it made earlier than other girders.

20110305093630DSC_0925.JPG 20110305094048DSC_0932-2.JPG
After pssed No.6 bridge, I through forest.

No.5 bridge(第5号橋梁, daigogō kyōryō). It has 3spans and center is JKT.

I have a bad news.Ice is melting cause high temperature today.If temperatures keep or increase, I can’t go back, and start great adventure. So I back right now.
Just as I had feared, ice begins to melt, it sinks with my light weight! Does condition change so violently? I think I can’t come back if the decision is late. It was dangerous. When can I go to Sangen Bridge.

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