Take a walk around Jinyamachi Station

Every Hokkaido friends, have you heard station name “Jinyamachi (陣屋町駅, jin’ya-machi eki)”? Almost may don’t know it excluding local people or railfan. That is only natural, this station is exclusive goods train that is passenger have no concern, moreover of course you don’t because it is almost not using now. Today I’ll take a walk around this station. This station is large enough to take a walk.

This red line is all of Jinyamachi Station. There is junction on right and branch off from main line. The line go to near next station Sakimori Station (崎守駅, sakimori eki), and there is a tunnel on the way. Width of this map is 3.6km. In Sapporo Station (札幌駅, sapporo eki) case, the longest platform is about 300m long. In Sapporo Cargo Terminal Station (札幌貨物ターミナル駅, sapporo kamotsu tāminaru eki) case, it is about 550m long. So I think you understood how large is it.

20170303171304DSC_0192.JPG 2017030303.png
The station building is standing at junction point. I can’t enter this area because here is have jurisdiction over by JR Freight and passenger doesn’t need enter. But no problem. There are nothing special things. incidentally, it used to treat passengers in the past, The station was located more southern a bit in this era. If you want to know details, please read tomorrow entry.

20170304171520DSC_0108.JPG 2017030304.png
I’m looking at Jinyamachi Station from upper of mouth of No.2 Jinya Tunnel (第2陣屋トンネル, daini jin’ya tonneru). Right double-track railway is main line of Muroran Main Line (室蘭本線, muroran honsen). Center white building is station building of Jinyamachi station. There is rusted single-track railway between both.This side of rusted railway is cutting with type 1 buffer stop (第1種車止め, daiisshu kuruma-dome). Another side disappear over curve side by side with main line. Lined up three track are connected by crossover.

20170303170018DSC_0185.JPG 2017030305.png
the track goes side by side with main line for a short while, it seceded in front of Jinya Tunnel (陣屋トンネル、jin’ya tonneru).

Jinyamachi Station’s Jinya Tunnel has stone heavy portal.

Another mouth of the tunnel.

20170303133732DSC_0008.JPG 2017030306.png
There is level crossing immediately after tunnel. It is not yard crossing notwithstanding here is firmly crossing. Name is Prot No.1 Level Crossing (外港1号踏切, gaikō ichigō humikiri). It has mileage “0k991”. roughly 1km so type Kou location marker (甲号距離標, kōgō kyori hyō) is set here.

And buffer stop is set too. Completely dead track. Unfasten buffer stop when use here? It is troublesome.

There is buffer stop, so I know that train never come, but I don’t walk on track by way of precaution and I watch from outside. The track cling to mountain while goes side by side with road.

20170303134830DSC_0022.JPG 2017030307.png
Firmly level crossing again. Name is Old National Road Level Crossing (旧国道踏切, kyu kokudo humikiri, kyu means old, kokudo means national road). Yes, this is old road of national road No.37. I accept to why is this road so wide. I’m watching while think so, drivers may know train never come so one third cars don’t stop and pass through. If cop set here, it will be big catch.

20170303135808DSC_0030.JPG 2017030308.png
The track goes side by side with road after crossing. In the past, there is junction around here, branch line went to timber yard near here. There is nothing currently. But it is written in zoom level 15-17 of “Geospatial Information Authority Map (地理院地図, chiri-in chizu)” now.

20170303140338DSC_0036.JPG 2017030309.png
Crossing again. Shin futo level crossing (新埠頭踏切, shin hutō humikiri). A big crossing with 4 lanes. in spite of it is inside the station.

20170303140544DSC_0038.JPG 2017030310.png
just after the through of the crossing, track increased. From here, track is crowded so zoomed up map.

Shunting signal stand here but isn’t lighting. It’s dead. Direction is wrong.

20170303141012DSC_0045.JPG 2017030311.png
The track goes straight to shuttered building. It seems to be a garage of switcher.

20170303150646DSC_0113.JPG 2017030312.png
Building that written “JR Freight Jinyamachirinko Station (陣屋町臨港駅, jin’yamachi rinko eki)” is standing next of garage. Jinyamachirinko Station is inside Jinyamachi Station. I heard that big station in big city has shopping area, but I think it is only one that station has station.

20170303150408DSC_0106.JPG 2017030313.png
The line branch to 2 lines, each called mountain side line (山手線, yamate sen) and shore side line (海手線, umite sen). At first I’ll watch mountain side. 26 (maybe) HoKis (ホキ, more than 25t hopper freight car) and 18 class DD51 diesel locomotives (DD51形ディーゼル機関車, dīdīgojūichi gata dīzeru kikansha) is detained now. HoKi is 2 type that belong to Hakodate (函館, hakodate) and Kushiro (釧路, kusiro) both class 800 (800形, happyaku gata).

20150912173828DSC_0240.JPG 20160731085032DSC_0022.JPG
I come to here every year to see ships, there were destroyed 711 serieses (711系, nanahyakujuuichi kei) and 24 serieses (24系, nijūyon kei) at , there were HoKis, 14 serieses (14系, jūyon kei) and DD51s at . In this some years, it seems to be destroyed or exported trains is brought in here.

20170303143012DSC_0064.JPG 20170303142812DSC_0061.JPG
Not detention but abandoned. At formerly I came here, these were wrapped by tarpaulin, but it had peeled off. However thanks to this reason, I can read serial number all of these! Number plates had removed but took the trouble to write with marking pen! Number is DD51 1095, 1148, 1138, 1100, 1093, 1102, 1143, 1140, from this side. These got into the news because these were forwarded by octuple heading at . the case that Hokutosei painted DD51s abandoned here like graveyard of trains makes me sentimental.

20170303143444DSC_0066.JPG 2017030314.png
The track of mountain side have ended. This side 2 of 6 are cut here, center 2 are cut earlier.

20170303144430DSC_0079.JPG 2017030315.png
Sea side 2 had approached road until reaches the very limit.

1 of the sea side had facilities to load wood chips from neighbor yard to freight car, but it had removed.

There was a wood chip freight train connecting the regular train from here to the paper mill at Shiraoi Town, converted to truck so train abolished in . As a result of this, Jinyamachi station was not used at all and it was in state of a waste station for several years.

20170303142148DSC_0054.JPG 2017030316.png
Next I’m going to shore side line.

20170303150032DSC_0096.JPG 2017030317.png
Shore side line has platform. 70m length. But I heard that this line has never been used. In spite of so, weeds cut, the track is available anytime.

In anime movie “Detective Conan: Magician of the Silver Sky”, jumbo jet was landeing here, but this is very unreasonable. Certainly here is broad, but I think it can only bush plane or VSTOL aircraft.

20170303145836DSC_0093.JPG 2017030318.png
Shore side line ends at same time with platform. But I know. That written “海手線 延長1,565m (shore side line 1,565m long)” in the web site of company “Muroran Port Development (室蘭開発, muroran kaihatsu)” that administers this wharf! You have more track, isn’t you!?

20170303145756DSC_0092.JPG 2017030319.png
I’ve Been Working on the Railroad! But it looks completely abandoned. It seems a long time since being abolished and it’s buried in weeds except level crossing.

20170303145654DSC_0090.JPG 2017030320.png
It’s terribly buried. But in the photo absolutely I can not tell but when walking in weeds certainly the rigidity of rails will be transmitting to my foot.

There are Hokutosei painted DD51s in the left yard again. the left one is position of radio antenna is special, so No.1083. The middle one is painted “1142”. At last, on the left one is no any hints, but I think it’s No.1137 that had brought with HoKis.

In another yard type DE15 No.1521 and 6 TaKis (タキ, more than 25t tank freight car) were detained. Here is really a graveyard of the train. 別のヤードにはDE15 1521とタキ6両も留置されていました。ここは本当に列車の墓場ですね。

I was witnessing KiHa 40 series (キハ40系, kiha yonjikkei), KiHa 141 series (キハ141系, kiha hyakuyonjūichikei), TaKis from the sea at in this position. All KiHas were exported already but TaKis has not moved at all in this 5 years.

20170303145128DSC_0083.JPG 2017030321.png
there is crossing again at point that migrate from front of yard to front of warehouse.

20170303152030DSC_0117.JPG 2017030322.png
Oh, rail break at front of entryway of warehouse.

Oh, rail come out again instantly.

20170303152410DSC_0125.JPG 2017030323.png
The track break all too often at front of entrance like that, and crossing again.

20170303152612DSC_0127.JPG 2017030324.png
Immediately after that the track break again and start again. How many times does this track repeat metempsychosis?

20170303153002DSC_0131.JPG 2017030325.png
I wonder if it makes sense to paste photos though it is hard to understand. Photo does not tell at all, it branches to 2 here.

Look, There is switch in proof of branching.

20170303152756DSC_0129.JPG 2017030326.png
The tracks was over with double tracks after second warehouse. Tracks are not break suddenly, but those ends with buffer stops.

20170303152802DSC_0130.JPG 2017030327.png
In the aerial photo of 1976, the tracks are go on ahead, but those didn’t existing now.

Arrange harbor section, it be like this. Width of map is 1.4km. Even only here it is vast. It is very MOTTAINAI that this cargo station is hardly used now. However, it seems that it is beginning to establish position as the last place of the train in Hokkaido now and this station may be loved by railfan in future.

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