The tunnel market

Revenge of last year. I come back to see tunnel market (隧道マーケット, zuidō māketto) .

I ride on forest road for 20 minutes. I have the motivation as swim in the bushes, but I discover easily because bush is not flourish so.

The footway evidence over Horoshintachibetsu river (幌新太刀別川) that flowing through the city of mine. It’s not for traffic and mining, super special usage tunnel. I want to see in this as soon as possible.

20130610100430DSC_0209.JPG 20130610100432DSC_0210.JPG
The gate has wooden hinged double doors, but it was broken half. Ground covered with mud and footprints, means there was previous visitor. I saw a motorcycle trace on the road to here.

May i come in? It has a unique style that is segmental arch and plane wall. Arch and floor are concrete, wall is by block. Width and height are slightly larger than 2m. I can see sunlight of the another entrance, so fatal obstruction is nothing.

It looks wall is not concrete, but it’s made with slag.

20130610100852DSC_0219.JPG 20130610100914DSC_0220.JPG
Fatal obstruction is nothing, but It’s have many many bnormality as sentenced life expectancy.

20130610101038DSC_0223.JPG 20130610101120DSC_0225.JPG
Small falling, swell, blocks come off and washout backfill. Tunnel market meanes a market of tunnel abnormity.

Ceiling increases a little in the middle of the tunnel. Picture taken looking back at the entrance. The change occurs in my back. It is ……

The core that tunnel to make a market.

Frontage is about 4m, depth same too. Ceiling are not arch, then Its have a completely square cross sectionm, made by concrete and steel. There are 18 rooms on the right side, form market.

20130610101900DSC_0245.JPG 20130610104204DSC_0285.JPG
dilapidated but I can infer what shop is.

20130610102136DSC_0251.JPG 20130610103854DSC_0279-2.JPG
In the past, sign set on near ceiling, and now it falls on the ground. But somebody set it upright.

The tunnel has been sunk thereafter last 4shops, because the tunnel is a downward slope.

Many salamanders live in the water cause water quality is good. How do you came here?

20130610102742DSC_0264.JPG 20130610102914DSC_0266.JPG
I went while don’t step on salamanders, the tunnel curved and end with entrance. Water gathers because naturally it’s filled entrance.

20130610103104DSC_0271.JPG 20130610103148DSC_0272.JPG
I walked to just the entrance, but my rubber boots reach a limit, I stop walk leaving 1m.

I wish I was a bat.

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  • 2014-10-30