Concrete arch bridges in Oma line

Build traffic system that safe and trustworthy across the Tsugaru Strait (津軽海峡, tsugaru kaikyō) between Hokkaido (北海道) and Honshu island (本州) was an important problem for development and military. The shortest length of seaway Cape Shiokubi – Cape Oma was was chosen naturally because seaway is affected by weather, land route (railway) for each cape had an atmosphere of military very much. Hokkaido side Toi line (戸井線, toi sen) , Aomori side Oma line (大間線, ōma sen) , each lines aimed at transport resources to Tsugaru fortress, these were started to build in while escalating military tension.

Then Oma line was started to build. At same time, Ohata line started to build too, and this opened to Ohata station (大畑駅, ōhata eki) in . Oma line beyond Ohata station keep building, but this section is longer and steeper than Ohata line. As you know pacific war break out in , the line was building during the war. At finally, lacking the resources, manpower, it was ordered stopped to build. Not yet construction section is 13.620km. Construction stops at nearby nita-gawa (ニタ川).

I came to Oma because I want to ride ferry that retire . Fare of car is expensive, so I came by bike. But interesting things I think is almost nothing in the field of activities of bike. So I will go Oma line necessarily. Started work section of Oma line has 2 bridges that 100m over long. I will satisfy if watch these. Therewith I came to Shimofuro (下風呂) Kazamaura village (風間浦村, kazamaura mura) to watch the Kazamaura bridge (風間浦陸橋, kazamaura rikkyō), alias Shimofuro bridge (下風呂橋, shimofuro bashi).

Kazamaura bridge is not so high, and houses are built in front of this. Thereby sense of existence is nothing as much as I think. Cause of too clean than Shiokubi bridge (汐首陸橋, shiokubi rikkyō) that built same time is it repaired for save and application.

13 spans are all concrete. Length is 109.000m. Start construction work in , and this section was completed in . However, trains have not used never, and it had left decades. Construction of remake to promenade started from , it opened on . The bridge open 63 years after from construction work started. Clap for survive!

Building on the bridge is a footbath like station. Actually station was planned in Shimofuro, but actual position is more east.

Deteriorated concrete wear makeup, skin is smooth like new. Traces of rain and streak that occur in installation are sealed up evenly.

I left Shimofuto, I will go to another large arch bridge. Along the way, cave of shinyo (kamikaze boat in WW2) remaining in Cape Kabuto. It unfinished too, and reached the end of the war in the state of no deployment.

The another large bridge on Oma line. I arrived at Nimai bridge (二枚橋, nimai bashi). I feel bike is useful when such now, because this bridge can be seen only few second by car.

Length is 101.500m, it is a little short than Kazamaura bridge. 7 span archs are made of concrete too. Construction work started in , and this section was completed in . It is very large compared to houses.

I love no makeup than plastic surgery and thick makeup. Please marry with me.




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