2 waterfalls in Otaru

I intended to loitere around Otaru city(小樽市, otaru shi) , after all the person who likes waterfall bring me to take photo of waterfall.
First we come to “Uodome waterfall (魚留の滝, uodome no taki) ” in Otaru. It located 10minuet from prefectural road No.1 which from Sappor to Otaru.

The sign”uodome no taki” is standing on the prefectural road. The Sign cause it’s famous or nothing mark without a sign. I think after one. It no parking space near here, but we parked the car at prefectural road No.1 because which is closed now by repair construction.

This footway is easy to walk because it is way to inspection of power line and cut out plants.

The footway ended while we can see a waterfall. It’s Uodome waterfall.

Above picture is look down from uper, but we want to take from bottom, so went down.

It’s just lunch time. We take lunch at Chiba workshop in Boyodai (望洋台). It’s top secret that dessert ice cream is super delicious. Plates are handmade by master. Master give pottery lesson upper floor.
In afternoon Weathe change for the worse, but we go other waterfall “Ana waterfall (穴滝, ana taki)”. Waterfall is one hour from Okusawa fountainhead (奥沢水源池, okusawa suigenchi) by car and walk.

20090928133002P9283124.JPG 20090928133222P9283131.JPG
It’s extremely cave (ana”穴” means cave).The cave has an atmosphere monster living. I had wanted to take movies, but my memory card is fulled, so I will take next time.
Mr.S, thank you for bringing me. I think Mr.S don’t reed it.

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