Speaking of summer is suspension bridges

Speaking of summer is suspension bridges. Speaking of suspension bridges is summer. An extent I think so, I spent my time travel to suspension bridges 2 years. This year, I want to go suspension bridges sometimes too.

Today at the beginning I came to suspension bridge of Kamuikotan (神居古潭) in Asahikawa city (旭川市). My destination is not bridge but oldrailway of Hakodate main line (函館本線) , however aomost line closed. The sign said “For the time being” so the line doesn’t have no plan to restore. If only set cones, I seems to enter, but an admirable locked gate is set, so I couldn’t
But from suspension bridge to another direction is not closed so I go a little.

20100807090732DSC_0207.JPG 20100807090336DSC_0201.JPG
Station building of Kamuikotan is preserved. Outward show is just retro. It was designated to cultural resource. 2 platforms remaining, river side one became no trespassing because it’s breaking.

3 SLs set on extremity of the station. Bridge that is between station and SLs have abutment made by brick.

After through side of SLs, I see Kamuikotan tunnel (神居古潭トンネル) . This tunnel built in 1897, and portal looks the Meiji period really. But concrete wall built by recovery of late years, it’s hard to see the portal and intine is covered completely.

It seems to take precedence traffic than recovery. Portal damaged. More good repair method is not?

Another side mouth was same too. Solemness of the Meiji period was deadened.
I went to until I see the first house, but interesting things were nothing. So I’ll go other suspension bridge.

I came to Nanako-no suspension bridge (七戸の吊橋) in Kamikawa town (上川町) . Previously, I tried to come here, but I can’t because heavy snow.

Motorcycles and bikes can’t across this. It means cars can across? Of course it can’t physically.

The sign stand on behind of tower. I have never seen a road sign stand on a suspension bridge for walk.

The bridge has 2 spans. It has the tower middle of the bridge.

Main cable was added, but the direction of wire clip is incoherent.

I have crossed, the sign written “Nanako-no suspension bridge” stand this side. But I heard that formal name is “esashiushi suspension bridge (江差牛吊橋) “.

Wire clip of root of main cable is incoherent too. It is in the wrong direction. The interval is mixed. I’ll check wire clips every time.

20100807113548DSC_0275.JPG 20100807112922DSC_0269.JPG
I found brick buildings in motion to the next bridge in front of Antaroma station (安足間駅) . There are many cool brick or masonry buildings in Hokkaido. Why these are not registered to cultural resource?

The next suspension bridge is Kikusui junisen suspension bridge (菊水12線吊橋) . This bridge crosses Ishikari river (石狩川) to connect bus stop and one house. It looks for only one house.

The wooden floor panel had been repaired. It indicates this bridge has used now.

It has stiffening, so it doesn’t sway that suspension bridge specific.

I see the river from the bridge, mist covered river like hot spring by humidity and warmth.

Next is a bridge across in the mountain of Kitami pass. Tower is H-steel, railing angle steei, floor is checkered plate. These are just like construction site.

I’ll check the wire clips. Diameter of main cable is 20 mm, in contrast, 3 wire clips. It’s too little. It needs 6 clips normally. And the interval of clips is too long, it 13 cm normally. Finally, thimble of dead end collapse.

Beyond of the bridge, Kamikoshi signal station (上越信号場) of Sekihoku main line (石北本線). Old days, it was station, but demoted because it became unmanned

Today is finish. I’ll back to Sapporo(札幌)
After sunset, I sleep afew hours, imperceptibly it’s became heavy rainfall with thunder. I resume drive…horrific rainy.

Oh, fuel consumption.




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