The near but far bridge

As the notice I wrote , I came to see the sangen bridge (三弦橋, sangen kyō) . Also I have come from south west side. I should drive prefectural road No.136 (道道136号,dōdō hyakusanjūroku gō) to approach from south west, but it’s not for general car, so I ride the bike.

20100910085951DSC_0391-2.JPG 20100910090538DSC_0395-2.JPG
Prefectural road No.136 links Yubari(夕張) and Shimukappu(占冠) , but Shimukappu side is impossible to car, Yubari side is no trespassing by dam construction.So I came here via Rubeshippu forest road(ルベシップ林道, rubeshippu rindō).I can drove whole line on the Rubeshippu forest road with my car, and go in prefectural road, vehicle for construction run incessantly, but no problem for the bike.After somewhat, I can see sangen bridge.

There are bridges of Simoyubari forest rail (下夕張森林鉄道, shimoyūbari shinrin tetudō) in the roadside, it’s all pillar only .

Imperceptibly I have come near the sangen bridge. No hapning, no sense of accomplishment.

No, I have hapning here. It’s no trespassing here. I catn’t go sleeve of bridge.I can’t bypass sheer cliff lakeside. Anothe side is concrete slope face. The dam construction site is over this, so I can’t enter it.
We can see sangen bridge from national road easily, and It is symbol of Lake Shuparo (シューパロ湖,syūparo ko). But it’s hard to approach.

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