Asahigaoka Schanze

Hello everyone. I don’t play winter leisure, I’m to appear in skiing ground today. But there is no snow. Yes, it’s as you think, I want to walk instead to play ski. Place is Asahigaoka Ski Resort that opposite Kutosan River (倶登山川, kutosan gawa) from the urban area of Kutchan Town (倶知安町, kutchan chō).

Then, of course I don’t write unexciting walk, so what I will do today, I’ll challenge to climb derelicted schanze in ski resort. Landing slope have covered by woods, take-off table is leaning, and inrun is peeled off so I can’t climb it.

For this reason, I try to climb start point of inrun – tower of start platform. Surprisingly, this thing is I can enter freely because no barricade no signboard of “keep out”. I went up turn-around stairs which sandwiched by thick pillar a few times, I arrive space of under inrun – compare bridge, it is inside of upper deck type plate girder.

I’m seeing downward from inside of girder. Inrun should have been covered with a plate, but now I can see sky well.

I’m seeing upward from inside of girder. Stairs go on at the same angle with inrun. And there is an important problem for acrophobia me. It is what all step board made of expanded metal. The ground is see-through. I can go no upper.

I lay my heart bare. I gave up because scared of high place.

―― 100 thousand years later ――
I can’t die and leave things this way as I’m now, I came back again.

I’ll conquer you today. I realized again, it’s see-through really. I’m scary after all.

View of that day that time I saw. I came back. It’s from here, refuse acrophobia to enter with see-through. Let’s go!

I could go up a little when put in the spirit.

20161119131456DSC_0014.JPG 20161119131446DSC_0013.JPG
I muster up the courage that does not exist and complete to climbed it. As I thought here is by expanded metal too.

There is space like landing tread on destination of stairs, and route branch right and left, stairs again.

These stairs branch in pieces and go several other destination.

First of all, I walked into longest one, there was the stage.

Yup, scary.

Now, I’m here. There are stages like this, 3 on left, 2 on right.

But my destination is the top only one.

Result of walking around, I found a way leading to the top. But without knowing why floor is not expanded metal. Wood, it’s wooden. And of course, it has decayed. With considerable trouble I get to expanded metal, wooden floor is impossibility. This floor will break down when I get on, isn’t it?

This place I’m standing is danger too. Produced a “clap” sound just now.

Start position of inrun is such a state. I haven’t done anything yet, sinkhole had accrued already. 100% I’ll die if get on it.

For this reason, I push in my camera and take a photo from point I can stand just barely. Speak truthfully, I want to take on center. But it is inevitable.

But only this scenery is good.

Training of overcoming acrophobia (The purpose had changed!), the end.

By the way, this schanze has closed with barricade, if you are thinking to go to here, unfortunately it’s too late already.

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