Mitsubishi Mining Ashibetsu Office Exclusive Railway

I wanted to walk Mitsui Ashibetsu Railway (三井芦別鉄道, mitsui ashibetsu tetsudō), but yesterday, in those area haunted by a bear. So I change my plan, I came to Mitsubishi Mining Ashibetsu Office Exclusive Railway (三菱鉱業芦別工業所専用鉄道, mitsubishi kōgyō ashibetsu kōgyōsho senyō tetsudō). This railway connects 8.2km between Kami-ashibetsu Station (上芦別駅, kami ashibetsu eki) and Penke Sanko Station (辺渓三坑駅, penke sanko eki) on northeast, and started business in

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The track starts Kami-ashibetsu Station and branch off from Nemuro Main Line (根室本線, nemuro honsen), through Mitsubishi Kami-ashibetsu Station. After it the track go over Sorachi River (空知川, sorachi gawa) with Sorachi-gawa Bridge (空知川橋, sorachi gawa bashi), but I know this bridge was removed, for this reason I chose opposite shore to start.

The track that finished cross the river enter to Penke Tunnel (辺渓トンネル). Yippee! There is tunnel…what a…!?

I can hear. I can hear scream of tunnel killed by earth pressure. I scream too, “I can’t enter!”.

20130418114714DSC_0043.JPG 2013041803.png
I lost time and go a long way round because of collapse. This side had buried too, but it looks artificial backfill.

20130418115408DSC_0050.JPG 2013041804.png
Ahead of Penke Tunnel, Penke-gawa Bridge (辺渓川橋, penke gawa bashi) had removed except for pier. I must to make a detour again.

20130418120220DSC_0055.JPG 2013041805.png
I made a detour with national road, site of track had removed by national road. I wonder if all highlight had removed. Nope, it’s from here that Mitsubishi Mining Ashibetsu Office Exclusive Railway is going to show those highlight.

20130418120612DSC_0060.JPG 2013041806.png
National road and track are branched off at the same time as I come in ravine of Bannosawa River (盤の沢川, bannosawa gawa), there is the railway bridge at here.

No.1 Bannosawa Bridge (第1盤の沢橋, daiichi bannosawa bashi) is 3 span concrete bridge. I think it is made without reinforcing bar because I can’t find reinforcing bar in this damaged and split section.

20130418123346DSC_0130.JPG 2013041807.png
No.2 Bannosawa Bridge (第2盤の沢橋, daini bannosawa bashi) on upstream removed by construct of forest road, but 3 span concrete No.3 Bannosawa Bridge (第3盤の沢橋, daisan bannosawa bashi) remain on more upstream. This line opened in , but I get the impression that prewar or during the war because no decoration, short span, and solid-spandrel.

Across this bridge, snow is too thick so I stopped to walk.

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