New Haboro Ferry Terminal and the new ship


Auk monuments are standing at doorway on national road of urban area of Haboro. Sea doorway is same too. I mistook, the auk had stood.

Sheriff auk is absent on new ferry terminal. This building was constructed since , and have shared since .

Herf of the building is storeroom that to repositing goods for Teuri Island (天売島, teuri tō) and Yagishiri Island (焼尻島, yagishiri tō). I use only sea routes of trunk line usually, so it makes me aware of it is sea route of isolated islands.

20130414104702DSC_0011.JPG 20130414105308DSC_0016.JPG
It is “Sun Liner 2” the new ship. The old high speed ferry “Sun Liner” had entered service since . The new one links Haboro to Teuri and Yagishiri since . (Enter service date was scheduled on , but it modified to by sail cancellation of stormy weather.)

In fact I have slight colds today, it became worse during take a stroll. I can’t suppress 2 hours to test sailing, and I’m killed in battle. Really, I make a mess of opportunity at unbelievable timing.

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