2 old tunnels in Suttsu Town

There are 2 tunnels in Suttsu Town (寿都町, suttsu chō) Suttsu District (寿都郡 suttsu gun) Shiribeshi Subprefecture (後志総合振興局, shiribeshi sōgō shinkōkyoku), and old loads of these have old tunnels. Both these 2 are small scale so I thought these are not enough to write this blog, but now I’m out of stories so I decided to introduce those. The visit date was September 14 2015, it was a tour of midstream of Fukuromas(袋澗, site of old fishing ports).

Notsuto Tunnel

20150914102604DSC_0659-2.JPG 2016123001.png
At first, I came Notsuto Tunnel (能津登トンネル, notsuto tonneru) east end of Suttsu Town, Cape Shiribetsu (尻別岬, shiribetsu misaki) located border with Rankoshi Town (蘭越町, rankoshi chō). It is in overlapping section of route No.229 and 276 – called Raiden Route (雷電国道, raiden kokudō), current Notsuto Tunnel was completed in 1994. Old one was completed in 1968 at same place. 2 generations ago was been located near tip of cape.

20150914102344DSC_0656-2.JPG 2016123002.png
It’s intersection setting on back a bit. The old road starts here to right direction.

20150914101036DSC_0648-2.JPG 2016123003.png
I think it specified to town road because houses built on roadside. The road is paved so just like that I can see the target.

20150914101300DSC_0651-2.JPG 2016123004.png
I looked forward to this tunnel because it was drawn in topographic map in the Taisho Period. I see what I can researched about this, it was completed in 1910. It is reputation of being a brilliant born in the Meiji Period.

20150914104018DSC_0678-2.JPG 2016123005.png
This is another side. 49m long. Inside of this was unlined and part were concrete jacketing.

Suttsu side road was not paved, as far as the eye could see bush is taking possession of a territory.

I approached the current road.

20150914103120DSC_0666-2.JPG 2016123006.png
I have joined to current road. Length of old road are almost same both Rankoshi side and Suttsu side, but I felt Suttsu side is about 3 times longer. Bush influence is horrible.

Tanemae Tunnel

20150914162342DSC_0119-2.JPG 2016123007.png
After Fukuroma tour, I came other tunnel. It’s Tanemae Tunnel (種前トンネル, tanemae tonneru). Current one was completed in 1987. The tunnel perforates not a cape but bulged out rock.

20150914162450DSC_0121-2.JPG 2016123008.png
A little behind here is the entrance.

Pavement is left on the road but bush is growing thickly, how long can it keep this state?

20150914162748DSC_0128-2.JPG 2016123009.png
This is old Tanemae Tunnel. The nameplate, “北海道の道路トンネル“, and “橋梁現況調書” are all said completed in 1963. Design of entrance is same with design of this period R229. But actually, this tunnel is in aerial a photograph taken in 1947. It’s a mystery. If I researched it may became clear, but today I came to see Fukuroma so I didn’t it. If it became clear, I’ll postscript the truth here.2017-01-01Postscript The informations came from comment. Before 1963, it called Arito Tunnel. Its completion year is unknown.

I wonder if base rock of this side was frail, it has steel reinforcing materials.

The tunnel has not closed, inside it using like a barn.

20150914163246DSC_0142-2.JPG 2016123010.png
I walked through 40m tunnel and came another side. Design of this entrance is completely same saw earlier one.

There is tinny fishing port named Arito Fishing Port (有戸漁港, arito gyokō) beyond the tunnel.

20150914162006DSC_0112-2.JPG 2016123011.png
I have joined to current road soon. And the old road have ended.

one more

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You the tunnel geek may think “Suttsu has more 2 tunnels in southern of urban area”. Unfortunately they are open-cut already. Northern one is in a aerial photograph taken in 1948, isn’t in a aerial photograph taken in 1965. Southern one Tateiwa Tunnel (建岩トンネル, tateiwa tonneru) opened-cut in the past few years. Incidentally it is still drew on GSI map as I write this. 2017-01-01Postscript The informations came from comment. Tateiwa Tunnel was once called Tateiwa No.1 Tunnel. And northern one (名称不明トンネル in the map) called Tateiwa No.2 Tunnel.

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